Jill Lynch Cruz, PhD is a certified executive coach specializing in the career and talent development of attorneys within the legal profession. She partners with high-potential clients to help them develop the executive-level skills, self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-management that today’s leaders need to better understand, motivate, and inspire themselves and others to achieve optimal performance within an organization.

Focus areas include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Presence & Communications

  • Strategic Planning & Law Practice Management

  • Personal Branding & Self-Promotion

  • Business Development & Networking

  • Career Self-Advocacy & Negotiations

  • Time Management & Productivity

  • Interpersonal Relations & Team Development

  • Stress Management & Work-Life Balance

  • Confidence Building & Overcoming Blindspots



3 Month Package

This short-term coaching package is designed to help jumpstart your effectiveness in achieving one or two “SMART” goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable and time-oriented.


This 3-month program will also help you begin to identify potential roadblocks that may be getting in your way and to help you start developing a plan to navigate those impediments.  


6 Month Package

This coaching package includes and builds on the JumpStart Success Coaching package with the added benefits of more sustainable personal and professional development. This includes more in-depth work around shifting undermining mindsets that may be holding you back in different areas of your life or career.  I work in partnership with you to create breakthrough awareness of how your beliefs, values, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors may be getting in your way of achieving your goals, as well as strategies for overcoming these barriers. 

This package also incorporates the process of Energy Leadership.  As a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, I work with you to develop a more effective style of leadership and engagement that positively influences and empowers, not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact for a more powerful and satisfying experience. 


12 Month Package

This package includes and builds on the JumpStart Success Coaching and Breakthrough Coaching programs to help you realize and sustain significant transformation in a variety of areas of your life and career.  This package can be client-directed to achieve specific longer-term objectives and/or can include some or all components of the Energy Leadership Development System™.

This is a cutting-edge program that can improve your ability to inspire, motivate and engage yourself, as well as your friends, family, coworkers, and associates into positive and sustainable action.  Possible development areas associated with the Energy Leadership System include leadership strengths and gaps, dynamic communication, emotional intelligence, influencing others, time management/balance, productivity, health and wellness, high energy relationships, problem solving, removing barriers to success and more.  


5-10 Individuals

Some or all of these packages can also be delivered in small group settings of 5-10 individuals (via phone, Skype or Zoom). Group coaching also provides a results-oriented training opportunity for you and members of your team.  I’d be happy to discuss how any of these packages can be tailored to your needs.